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Angelica61 I truly feel for you personally as i am undergoing the identical thing. My Dr. says that Effexor isn't going to cause wait around obtain. I happen to be carrying out what you are actually undertaking on my own for around 2 months now.

angie52579 I just commenced Topamax 100 MG for weight loss from getting and gaining weight from lithium. I have not expert any side effects that you all are mentioning.

Right after looking through these responses i can't help but truly feel i need for getting off of it. Planning to make an appointment afterwards and see if my Xanex can maintain me over until eventually the withdrawls end.

I've gained weight--forty lbs. My sex generate has evaporated. But, I'm chemically incapable of feeling terrible about myself, which is usually a positive alter, mostly with the help of a great outpatient software and DBT abilities, too. I'd like to unpack all weight that I have gained. However, my spin on it is actually that becoming thinner is just not planning to suggest anything at all Unless of course you happen to be content.

notintonicknames I am aware specifically how you are feeling. You nailed it. Doctors don't like to give out that details because they truly feel the client received't take the medications whenever they knew. In this manner of thinking is counter productive and dangerous in some instances. Thanks for taking the time to treatment.

cowithdrawler I am approaching the 4 7 days mark given that going off effexor. It's been pure hell to sum all of it up. I'm also dealing with horrific weight get. I have noticed that I am retaining fluid which I do know is contributing.

katenikolov I have just read all of these feedback and gone "oh my God..It really is not just me'! Thank God.  I have normally experienced a fanatastic condition and possess absent up 3 sizes considering that this damn drug.

Mikhala I feel that what the experiments exhibit is that it initially can cause weight loss then step by step over time will slow the metabolism.

GolfGirlRN I'm a RN and let us just start out by stating you'll most likely never take Tylenol or any soreness reliever for those who go through the label.  All medication has the probable for side effects.  Medication, if you end up picking to go that route, is there To alleviate your signs, and often get rid of disease.  There are numerous good drugs out there.  And Kudos to you for doing your homework.  In the event you experience migraine, I listen to Topamax is usually a great product for aid.  It doesn't arrive without side-effects, but keep in mind, most medications have them.  Know One's body, speak to your doctor, and adhere to ALL of his/her Instructions to your letter.  Topamax is prescribed off label for Binge Taking in Disorder.  This helps control the number of occasions on a daily basis a binge eater "binges" as well as helps with weight loss.  Have in mind, not all binge eaters are over weight or obese however.  Mattress is a psychiatric dysfunction, much like bulimia and anorexia, other than there is no purging or laxative use.  If you're thinking that you may have an weight loss medicine having condition, please, remember to, be sure to see your supplier or a person who makes a speciality of eating disorders.  So no judgement on the use of medication for weight loss.

   Now I have been off the medication for a minimum of 1 7 days, and Whilst I'm however suffering from dizziness, the head aches are gone as well as the effects are diminishing steadily.  I also seen a rise in emphasis at work (better still than Once i was within the medication) What I did notice however is that I am dropping weight at an expedited level and my power is for that most element managed.  I.E.  the energy loss just isn't proportional into the weight loss. Remember to Take note that I see my doctor so occasionally that I did not hassle notifying her.  (I only see her annually where I get renewed for 4x90 times of 150mg).   I Don't endorse what I'm presently accomplishing to anybody and you SHOULD NOT adhere to what I've finished without consulting a medical Qualified nicely versed in anti-depressants.  I just wished to read about other's encounters and relate my own.  Make sure you Notice that my know-how in anti-depressants is close to nothing at all and all I did was pop the pill for getting me in the working day Currently forty three, overweight at 110kg.  My cozy weight is 90kg (muscled from natural energy teaching for a minimum of the final 20 years)

cjhurley28 I are actually preventing Migraines for the final six many years mostly induced from worry from work. When I was dx with Migraines I was taking a sub-lingual pill identified as Maxalt (this does work) you have to take a person tablet and position it under your tongue as you really feel a migraine coming on. It can help reduce the pain with the migraine or in some cases will prevent it. I had great luck with that medicine. But I wish the manufacture would just alter the style of your pill, its fast dissolve and strong peppermint flavor.

   Now I are already off the medication for a minimum of best weight loss diet pills 1 week, and Despite the fact that I am even now suffering from dizziness, the complications are gone and also the effects are diminishing steadily.  I also observed a rise in target at work (a lot better than when I was on the medication) What I did observe however is that I'm dropping weight at an expedited rate and my energy is with the most part managed.  I.E.  the power loss is not really proportional to your weight loss. Please Notice that I see my doctor so infrequently that I didn't hassle notifying her.  (I only see her yearly where I get renewed for 4x90 days of 150mg).   I Never advocate what I'm now undertaking to any one and you shouldn't comply with what I've performed without consulting a medical Experienced very well versed in anti-depressants.  I just wanted to examine other's activities and relate my very own.  Remember to Notice that my awareness in anti-depressants is next to nothing at all and all I did was pop the pill to acquire me throughout the day Presently 43, overweight at 110kg.  My snug weight is 90kg (muscled from natural energy education for at least the final 20 years) ..clearly show

belle74 Hello I recognized u described u ended up a retied pt & considered & might be able to advocate whether or not im dosing myself wrong or not. I'd a rx on file for Topamax from the 12 months back Once i had insurance policies, i lost my insurance policy & now have my insurance all over again. so I stuffed it. its 50mg.

Dar868 I started out using Effexor three months in the past.  At that similar time, I joined Weight Watcher's, as the extra weight was part of my despair.  I built up my head to repair my overall body and soul!  I are following This system particularly, performing exercises, etcetera.  I am pleased to report that I've LOST 20 lbs . due to the fact Sept new weight loss medication 17th!  I really need to speculate if the folks who obtain weight about the drug are just sensation so much happier and superior about things that they try to eat more?

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